Story Based Learning to Strengthen Relationships and Enable Social Change

Welcome to Storyworlds Life

As a social enterprise, Storyworlds Life develops story based learning tools to strengthen relationships around the child, young person or vulnerable adult so they can be healthy and happy.

Why are we needed?  Successive reports into poor health and social care outcomes highlight the link between the provision of safe, effective, compassionate care and the quality of relationships.

Quality comes from people (family members, carers, professionals) sharing expertise, information and experience in an environment where challenge is welcomed and mistakes are learnt from.

Our story based approach helps people build and maintain relationships by learning how to listen, particularly to those voices that are often unheard.



Tools For Change

We design Tools for Change that offer a practical, flexible and enjoyable way to learn about relationships and their impact.

At their heart are stories about ordinary people in everyday situations. Drawn from research and real-life experiences, the stories explore the connection between thoughts, feelings, actions, environment and outcomes.

These tools are used by educators to support student learning, by organisations to improve services and by individuals and families to identify what’s important to them and access support.

Try out a Tool for Change

In my view, their strength is in the way they use the whole system to tell the story, taking multiple perspectives.  This develops a level of empathy and understanding for everyone in the system – something I have not seen paralleled; everyone’s voice is heard.

Kate Malcomess, Director of Care Aims

We’ve been talking about co-production for years and finally, Storyworlds Life gives us what we need to make that work.  Their fantastic approach offers a simple framework for parents and practitioners to talk openly and safely about what’s important to them.  It will help us transform relationships between families and services.

Jenny Miller, Chief Executive, Pamis

Making a Difference

Society changes when individuals learn to think and behave differently, and when groups learn new ways of relating to one other.

Using our tools people see how their actions and decisions improve outcomes for the child, young person or vulnerable adult.  Preparatory training shows how to use the process to best effect.  Evidence of the change can be found in Making a Difference.

Income generated from our service to organisations (design, training, licensing) is used to fund direct support to individuals and families through voluntary sector partners.

Get Involved

To succeed, Storyworlds Life must capture your imagination, showing a route to social change that is practical, effective and builds on your creativity, skills and experience.  Once you’re familiar with the basic process, we encourage you to apply the tools however you like, using the Forum to share what you find out.

You can get involved at any stage of the social change process:

This approach helps us see our services the way children and families see them. It helps staff connect with the reasons why they wanted to do their job in the first place and motivates them to change if things need to be different to support children and families better. The change in staff’s perspective can be instant and long lasting.

Professional Lead, Occupational Therapy, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

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