Improving the quality of relationships - family caring

Improving our relationships

We can’t change the world, but we can increase our support and sense of wellbeing by improving the quality of relationships.  This series of Conversation Starters can help build the confidence and skills we need to do that.  Their focus is ‘family caring.’

Family caring

Most of us experience both sides of family caring – providing care and receiving it – usually learning as best we can through practice.  There are many positive things about such relationships.  However, caring can be challenging, creating tensions (irritation, anger) and conflict that we don’t always know how to deal with.

The Conversation Starters

These 12 Conversation Starters support discussion about relationship issues arising from the experience of caring.  They’re based on the storyworld Scrambledwhich explores inter-generational aspects of family caring: for example, sons caring for aging parents, parents caring for teenagers, teenagers caring for each other and for parents….

Below you’ll find:

  • an introduction to the story and characters, along with a simple ‘how to’ guide
  • link to Conversation Starter 1
Introduction to conversation starters (pdf)
Conversation Starter 1 – blog

It was difficult looking after him when he was ill.  Everybody said what a fantastic nature he had, and he had, but not to me  They say that it’s the person closest who gets it and it’s true.  It was like living with someone who could change in a moment.

Family Carer, Contributor to Scrambled