Important to Me - Scrambled

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Project Description

Important to Me – Scrambled

This Tool for Change was commissioned by Edinburgh Napier University to enhance student learning across the undergraduate health and social care programme.  Scrambled enables learners – whoever they may be – to explore health and well-being amidst the complexities and challenges of people’s everyday lives in line with the new draft NMC standards.


With thanks to staff from:

School of Health and Social Care, Edinburgh Napier University; Midlothian Community Mental Health Team; Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service; Midlothian Community District Nurse Team; Midlothian Community Hospital; Asthma Nurse Specialist Team, NHS Lothian; Community Learning Disability Team, NHS Lothian; Wester Hailes Education Centre; School Nurse Team NHS Lothian.

Thanks also to Bipolar Scotland and to the individuals and families who contributed their experience and knowledge to the creation of this material.

The Storyworld

The Ramsay family experiences a series of challenges over the course of six months.  Each challenge focusses on the needs and experience of a family member: the teenaged girl who has asthma; her aunt who has a learning disability; her grandmother who is aging; and her dad who has a mental health problem.   As well as family members, the characters in this story include a learning disability nurse, a community psychiatric nurse, a child health nurse and a newly qualified staff nurse.  This dramatized story unfolds over 12 scenes (60 minutes running time).

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SCENE 7 – Big Stories – There are two young people in the story – Islay (aged 13) and her brother Joe (aged 17)  Their dad’s mental health condition has affected them over the years but has not been openly discussed within the family.  However, Islay’s growing anxiety leads to an asthma scare and then a conversation with a nurse specialist in which she shares some of her fears.  That conversation prompts her dad (John) to ask her and her brother the question he’s never asked before – “What’s it like for you when I’m ill?”  Scene 7 shows what happens next….and another secret is uncovered…  

SCENE 10: You’ll Be Sorry Maureen (John’s sister) is in her early 50s and has always lived with their mum.  When her mum has a fall and is taken to hospital, this creates a difficult situation for the family.  However, for Maureen it also opens an opportunity to receive outside support.  The social worker at the hospital refers Maureen to the Community Learning Disability Team who carry out an initial screening (over three visits).  Scene 10 shows the second visit made by the team – in the shape of Pam, a learning disability nurse – this is the first time that Pam has met Maureen’s brother Steve.   He is very surprised at what the conversation reveals….  


Which of these characters do you like or dislike – why?

What do you think is going on?

What do you think happens next?

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