Important to Me - Connor Goes Swimming

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Project Description

Important to Me – Connor Goes Swimming

This Tool for Change was commissioned by Scottish Government to implement a national policy for children and young people.  By bringing together individuals, families and all who support them, Connor Goes Swimming is intended to improve the experience and outcomes of care by:

  • Working towards shared outcomes, based on the child or young person’s priorities and those of their family and carers
  • Helping those closest to the child or young person to develop the knowledge, skills, understanding, and confidence needed to provide support
  • Encouraging collaborative relationships between children, young people, families, and professionals
  • Focusing therapeutic interventions on those children, young people, and families with the greatest need


With thanks to:

The Allied Health Professional National Lead for Children and Young People, Scottish Government; Active and Independent Living Improvement Programme, Children and Young People Reference Group; Ready to Act Resource Development Reference Group.

The practitioners, individuals and families who were generous in contributing their experience, knowledge and stories to the creation of this material.

The Storyworld

Connor is a 7 year old boy who has become unhappy at school.  His family tries to understand what’s happening and get the support he needs with the help of the school and health service.  The characters in this storyworld include: Connor’s extended family, his head teacher, his class teacher, a physiotherapist, and the speech and language therapist who has been working with his cousin Em.  This dramatized story unfolds over 8 scenes (43 minutes running time).

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Try It Out

SCENE 1 – In this opening scene you’ll meet Connor and his parents.  It is Saturday afternoon and Connor and his dad have just been to the park.  His mum has been working at home.


Which of the characters do you like and dislike – why?

What do you think of Julia and Mike as parents – why?

What do you think happens next?

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