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Everyone Is A Story

What We Offer

Stories help us hear the voices of the most vulnerable.  By listening, we understand different perspectives, develop empathy and become aware of the need for change.  But how do we transform that experience into meaningful action?

Our answer is to use stories inside a reflective learning process with structured activities.  Through this process people identify the small things they can do that will make the most difference (see diagram below).

Social Change Diagram

Our services will guide you through this change process.


Tools For Change

Each tool is made up of a Storyworld – a dramatized story told through audio and photographs – and a User Guide of questions and activities. The stories show situations where there could be a health or wellbeing concern.  As the story unfolds, you learn about the characters, their relationships and situation.

By relating the story to your own and others’ experience, you identify what’s important and the changes you can make to improve outcomes.

Our current tools are listed below.  Click on the heading to explore further.

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Parents with a learning disability tell us they share their story but they don’t believe it makes any difference.  What Storyworlds Life offers is a process led by parents, involving all services, that can generate real change.

David Barr, Assistant Director, Aberlour Child Care Trust

Preparation Training

Through our learning approach, people see how thoughts, actions and environment affect outcomes.  They make a personal connection with the story, explore characters’ experiences and develop a deeper understanding of vulnerability and support.

Preparatory training helps you understand how to use the approach to best effect. We offer a one, two or three day training.  You choose the option and Tool for Change that most suits your needs.  Maximum group size is 14.

We offer two free places on each training to broaden access.  Please contact us for more information.

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One-day introduces the Storyworlds Life approach.

Two-day builds on the introduction by giving people the opportunity to practice using the Tool for Change and plan application in their local environment.

Three-day brings a group of people together as agents of change.  It provides a way for families, carers and professionals to transform the way they communicate, collaborate and work.  The programme is delivered over a six week period with participants expected to undertake a small scale project between days two and three.

These tools give us opportunity to explore the real issues and complexities of people’s lives in a safe environment and provides students with insight into the challenges that many people face on a day-to-day basis. 

They promote active learning where students can discuss, debate and explore the importance of adopting a values-based, compassionate approach to all they do as practitioners.

Dean of School of Health & Social Care, Edinburgh Napier University

Access all our Tools

As an individual or organisation, an annual licence gives you access to the tools, any new ones created, preparation training and updates.  It provides high quality educational resources and the ability to meet wider strategic objectives around values, culture and public engagement.

 A licence benefits organisations with multiple services, or individuals with a full-time training role or who work as freelance consultants.

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Support Workshops

Voluntary sector organisations benefit from the success of Storyworlds Life because our profit is used to develop tailor made support packages with them, in response to the needs of the individuals and families they serve.

These are designed to develop knowledge, skills and resilience, taking the form of facilitated workshops on selected topics or 1:1 counselling.  The development and delivery of these is funded by Storyworlds Life.

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(As a result of using Connor Goes Swimming) I felt confident enough in my meeting yesterday with my NHS allied health professionals to say ‘trust has completely broken down and we need to do something about it’ and this opened up a good conversation – a one hour meeting became a two hour one!


Storyworlds Life’s commitment to transparency, governance and project management with clear time lines and deliverables has made the journey in developing this crucial resource a very smooth one.

Pauline Beirne, AHP CYP National Lead, Scottish Government

Design a Tool For Change

If we don’t have an existing Tool that meets your needs then you can work with us to develop a new one.  A group of organisations sharing a common interest can share the cost of development, thus ensuring commitment and collaboration right from the start as well as a more manageable cost for each.

Your new Tool is likely to be relevant to other organisations and groups in your locality and beyond.  Our intention would be to share the work as widely as possible.  Income generated from this wider dissemination would be used to fund activity leading to social benefit.  You can see how this works in Making a Difference.

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